Textures & Tones

There is nothing I love more than mixing fabrics. Sequins with wool, silk with leather, I just love the luxurious feel of different textures and tones. One particular fabric that excites me this season is corduroy. Such a warm, cozy, comfortable fabric and perfect for the chillier Autumn days. One outfit which was a highlight of my AW19 buying days was this dusty pink cord suit from Danish label Second Female. I adore the relaxed silhouette, the soft colour plus the endless way I can wear these pieces separately are an added extra.

I wear it here with a silky feel blouse from Italian label H20. I am loving the contrast of this light silky feel with heavier corduroy, polished but not prissy. Roses were dominant on the catwalks this season from Dolce & Gabbana to our very own Simone Rocha and I am loving the pink and plum tones. Some days I will embrace the pussy bow but more than likely I will let it hang loose (its all down to personal choice or for me, my mood!)

In contrast I wear it here with a chunky knit. The ESSENTIAL buy for any Autumn wardrobe. It may be a bit heavy for right now but the cold creature that I am, I know I will have it on before long as the temperature drops in the evenings! Once again I just feel these are interchangeable separates. I Love a chunky knit over a summer dress or with a pair of jeans. And the tones of colours in this jumper makes it interesting and gives it a point of difference

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I love nothing more than pieces that are timeless, I have accumulated a lot of beautiful pieces over the years, some of which are now 14 years old as Divine celebrates its 14th Birthday this year but I can honestly say I wear these pieces with much love and this is how I buy for the store, pieces that are not trend driven but just ageless. This sequin top and wool like skirt can be worn with so many other pieces. The sequin top will most definitely be worn with my leathers (which are donkey’s years old!) and this skirt I can see myself wearing with opaques and polo/knit and chunky cardis all through the season ahead.

Lastly I have added in this super versatile navy corduroy blazer. I have dressed it down here with a woolen hooded dress which I am obsessed with as it is just so comfy (and has pockets!) I like the unusual mix but I appreciate this one will not be for everyone but that’s fine! That’s what makes style unique, know what you like and embrace it.

Happy Browsing

Mary x