Rue De Femme

A fan of Danish designers and style, I have stocked countless Danish brands since we opened
our doors in 2005. Recently I was introduced to Rue De Femme, by one of my favourite agents
and it was a delight to see a fresh, stylish collection. Double points as I get to work with
someone I love and respect. For me, style is truly about feeling good and confident and I just
love a balance of casual and feminine. Our ethos is and always has been ‘Making dressed up
seem effortless and turning casual into chic’. And for me Rue De Femme ticks all the boxes.
The ethos behind Rue De Femme is to create comfortable clothes that are relaxed, yet elegant
and stylish. Perfect for me and Divine!

Everyone is in love with the fabric of this shirt. It is so comfortable and cozy and can bring you
from day to night. I always say Yellow makes you happy and there certainly is something about
the pop of yellow against the black that everyone has fallen in love with. Styled here very
simply with black jeans from Dr Denim and black boots. It’s a very effortless look.

And what about this jumper! A mix of mohair and merino, this Electric Yellow knit will lift any
piece in your wardrobe. Worn over the shirt, it gives a very bright and comfortable day look.
But I just know I will wear this over so many items in my wardrobe. And on a dull Winters day,
this is just going to lift my mood , a definite Marys Must Have!

Next up is the shirt dress in same print, again such a comfortable piece. Hidden button closure
all the way down the front with side seams and cuffs. The yellow knit will also look fab over this
for a layered up day look.

Karen Koster from Ireland AM also wore a dress in this print last week which sold out in a day
which proves the effect of this lovely print and colour combo.

My favourite thing about this collection are the original prints which will never date and I just
know we will wear these pieces countless times over the years and will love them just as much
in many years as we do now. That is our aim at Divine; Uniquenss matters to us and we like
our products to stand out without being too loud or pieces you will tire of. Our goal is to provide
lasting, beloved pieces for your wardrobe.

Happy shopping

Love Mary x